Last weekend was New York Comic Con and our friends at TheFW made their rounds and asked cosplayers whether they could distinguish between 'Star Wars' references and Italian delicacies. It proves to be very tricky! Also, remember when Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong hooked up? They made out hardcore in a New York City bar one fateful night in 2007 and were never seen together again. Odd couple, indeed!

  • Play Star Wars or Italian Dish

    These cosplayers struggle greatly in their quest to triumph the 'Star Wars or Italian Dish' challenge. Do you think you could beat their scores?
  • Cover Songs Better Than The Originals

    Forget the crappy version of 'Livin' On A Prayer' the house cover band plays at your favorite dive bar. These cover songs are seriously amazing! Even better than the originals...

    Scott Gries / Mike Copolla / Theo Wargo, Getty Images
  • Odd Celeb Hookups

    One magical evening in 2007, Ashley Olsen's gaze met with Lance Armstrong's across a bar in New York City. And naturally, the two made out like teenagers all night, never to be seen with each other again. Ah, to be young again!

    Isaac Brekken / Stuart Wilson / Ben Pruchnie / Jason Kempin, Getty Images
  • Hottest Rockstar Wives

    Rock stars have all the luck. They play to thousands of fans each night that worship the ground they walk on, get the VIP treatment and marry the hottest women on this planet.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / George De Sota / Facebook / Mark Mainz / Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images
  • Biggest Horror Movie Cliches

    A movie scene opens with a man frantically trying to start his car while a shadowy figure lurks in the background. The engine won't turn, so he tries to call someone. Oops! There's no cell phone reception. These horror movie cliches are bad...and they should feel bad.

    Paramount Pictures