Some women enjoy dressing in skimpy clothing on Halloween. Cool! To each their own. But what's even better is that some people dress their dogs in sexy little numbers. So GuySpeed decided to answer the all important question of... who wore it best? The bulldog is looking pretty darn hot in that Marilyn Monroe getup! Find out what's awesome on the web this week!

  • Sexy Halloween Costumes -- Who Wore It Best?

    Pretty Ladies vs. Cute Dogs. Now that's a heavyweight bout! These women are gorgeous, but those pooches! Look at their faces! A bijon/poodle mix wearing a Madonna cone bra? Does it get more awesome than that?

  • Hungry Hungry Hippos -- Coming to a Theater Near You?

    Who didn't love Hungry Hungry Hippos as a kid? It was fast-paced, marble-eatin' fun! Now this generation can fall in love with the game too! Word is the beloved game will be getting a silver screen adaptation.

  • Bieber Pukes on Stage in Arizona

    Know this: spaghetti + milk = Justin Bieber barfing on stage. Don't forget it. You don't want to pull a Bieber.

  • Best Mitt Romney Vs. Big Bird Memes

    Truth is stranger than fiction and that adage was none more applicable then after Mitt Romney's comment on Big Bird at the Presidential Debate. The jokes write themselves, people!
  • Best Bathroom Break Games

    Don't act like you don't do it. Most people bring their tablets and smartphones into the bathroom with them for some entertainment when, uh... you know. ArcadeSushi has compiled the best bathroom time wasters.