Halloween is better when it's mini-sized! Candy bars, costumes... everything! Kids dressed up for Halloween are SO. DARN. CUTE. TheFW put together a list of the most ridiculous kid costumes they could find. From a burrito to Prince and a couple of lobsters in between, the list does not disappoint.

  • 20 Hilarious Kid Halloween Costumes

    The genius parents who thought to dress their kid up as Prince deserve an award. Will this kid grow up to be the coolest on the block? Probably.

  • NBA 2K13 Introduces Oklahoma City 'Thudner'

    NBA 2K13 introduced a new team to their professional basketball repertoire. The Oklahoma City 'Thudner.' No, not the Thunder. It's star players include Kevin Doorant and Russell Southbrook. *Rimshot*

    2K Games
  • Justin Bieber Related to Avril Lavigne + Ryan Gosling

    So, pretty much every famous person from Canada is related. Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Ryan Gosling and Celine Dion. Did Nickelback come from this same gene pool? Is Avril Lavigne marrying her cousin?! The plot thickens!

    Andrew H. Walker / Caroline McCredie / Sonia Recchia, Getty Images
  • Watch Pixar's 'Partysaurus Rex' Short

    Pixar does a wonderful job of tiding over the public with amazing shorts in between the releases of their movies. This time they've invented an alter-ego for Rex... Partysaurus Rex!

  • Best Rock Star Cameos on 'The Simpsons'

    When you're invited to voice a character on 'The Simpsons,' you've made it. If you appear as yourself on 'The Simpsons,' you're legendary. Only the biggest rock stars get the yellow treatment!